How To Cheer Up Writer Friends #Writer #Writers

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Seeing writer friends slide into the pit of writer gloom can be hard.

Writer friends are special as you share a different kind of friendship bond with them. Seeing them struggle  with writing can be just as painful as your own writing battles.

You don’t want to see them glum because:

  • You admire their writing talent.
  • You know that writing makes them goofy happy.
  • You know that they have got themselves into a bit of a negative hole and just need to find a way of climbing out of it.
  • They were there for you when you fell into the pit of writer gloom. They pulled you out and look at you now – full of writer joy – sigh!

Writer gloom happens to all of us.

Once we let those pesky writing demons run riot in our minds it can result in ‘gloomy writer face’ for a period of time.

So it’s time to turn your glum looking writing friends around.

Here are 10 things to do when facing this painful situation:

  1. Tell them how amazing you think they are as a writer. Sometimes when we are down about writing we just need to hear that there is someone out there who rates us.
  2. Send them a virtual tweet hug. Sometimes a virtual tweet hug and a cry on a virtual shoulder releases the build up of creative tension.
  3. Remind them of their last writing success. It can be big or small. Maybe they have got some great feedback on a blog post? Maybe they won an online competition? Maybe they got some fab reviews on Amazon for their latest book? I find copying, pasting and emailing them a sample of the lovely things people have said in reviews or blog comments about their writing works well. You need to show them that their writing has touched and made a difference to someone out there.
  4. Remind them about how far they have come on their writing journey.
  5. Ask them to think about why they started writing? What was it that made them start writing in the first place?
  6. Suggest that they write something for fun. Sometimes we just need a break from big heavy writing projects. Flash fiction is perfect for this.
  7. Suggest they have a break from writing for a couple of days.
  8. Make them smile or laugh. Tell them some jokes.
  9. Remind them of the time they pulled you out of the pit of writer gloom and show them how great you are feeling now. If you can stop being glum about your writing so can they!
  10. Remind them that these phases come and go. When these negative phases leave us and we get back to enjoying our passion the sun does come out in writing land!


Writer friends are so special so don’t let them be glum!

Cheer them up – we all need to stick together on this creative journey 🙂



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29 thoughts on “How To Cheer Up Writer Friends #Writer #Writers

  1. I have a dear friend who’s going through this. For months now, she’s pulled away from writing. I feel so helpless because she’s so talented, but rejection after rejection can often kick you in the teeth. Perhaps I’ll try a few of your tips. Thanks, Lucy!

  2. Good advice … writing is most often a thankless task. It is like paying solitaire instead of getting together with friends at a table. After 55 years of it, I still think it is the most important thing that I do. Writing is like teaching without benefit of a classroom. We all know how important a teacher;w work is, but writers are invisible and often forgotten,

    1. I agree but there is something magical about writing that some of us struggle to walk away from. So we continue on with our thankless work. Thx for reading and happy Sunday 🙂

  3. Lovely words. We all need encouragement from time to time. Can you imagine the despair some writers must have felt in the past, writing away in their drafty turrets, probably starving to death, when every rejection brought them nearer to their end … and no friends on the internet to encourage them, or anywhere to find instant feedback and offer the same to others on their creative efforts. I agree with you about flash fiction. It’s a great way to see a project through from beginning to end in one sitting, and to remind you that you can still produce something.

  4. aw I like these so much. I feel like they are easy to translate for other creative endeavors too. I have so many creative friends and I know we all struggle sometimes and it’s all to easy to get wrapped up in that!

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